Bid Management

One of the most difficult jobs there is.
Be it invitation to tender for software packages, a PFI project, or even a World Bank Bid in a third world country. All are stressful and difficult in an increasingly challenging business environment. Bid Managers are professionals that sit between sales and project staff. Their key role is to present a proposal to a client that meets his business and cost objectives, whilst minimizing risk and maximising profit for their own company. Bid Management Consultancy and Training – tailored to your company’s requirements.

The Bid Manager provides consultancy, outsourcing, bid or tender writing and training as well as being an experienced international speaker who can be your key speaker on bid management, risk management, bid evaluation and general management. We are the proud designers of SuperBid – our bid methodology to assist you in preparing winning bids – if you see the methods anywhere else – they came from us!
We provide several on site bid management training courses:

  • FastTrack/OnTrack  Bid Management ©
  • FastTrack Effective Bid Management©
  • FastTrack/OnTrack Winning Solution©
  • FastTrack/ OnTrackFunding for Profit©
  • FastTrack/OnTrack to Writing Winning Proposals©
  • FastTrack/OnTrack to Perfect PQQs©
  • FastTrack/OnTrack Bid ToolKit©

Our FastTrack © series – provides these course on site – at your own business. We can tailor each of our courses and their workshops to your own company’s requirements. Our OnTrack© courses are available as a CD based course.

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