Are PQQs Getting More Complex To Complete?The simple answer is

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Are PQQs Getting More Complex To Complete?The simple answer is yes they probably are. The recession means that more and more companies are searching for work and Request For Proposal (RFP) owners can be deluged with applications. Evaluating bids is expensive and the best way to keep down the number of applicants is by providing complex PQQs (Pre Qualification Questionnaires).Companies are now finding questions that used to be on the main RFP now on the PQQ. So how do they handle this situation? Well to start with, you should check that you really want to prepare this tender. Just as evaluations are expensive, so is writing tenders or proposals.So you need to check over your bidding strategy. Work out what kind of new projects you want to bid upon and what services and products you want to promote using this process. Ensure that you are only bidding on potential projects that you have a good chance of winning. Try and get some feedback from past proposals and learn from them.Also review how you bid on these projects. Is your tender strategy correct? Are you bidding on a low priced project when you should be bidding a quality response at a higher price and vice versa?Of course if you are failing to get past the PQQ stage then you have more of a problem.In all cases you might be advised to hire a professional tender writer or an experienced bid manager to assist you when you next need to write a tender.Find one that has recently written a number of PQQs, not just tenders or bids. In order to get to the next stage, you obviously need to get your PQQ approved. Not all professional proposal writers write PQQs as these are often produced by the originating company. However as PQQs become more complex, more and more professional tender writers are also answering requests to write the PQQ as well.So what new questions are appearing on the PQQs? As well as the standard about the company questions, you will often be asked about your policies on discrimination, your quality standards and other pet subjects that the RFP issuing company may have. These can include green issues, staffing matters and health & safety amongst many.This means that you MUST have all your policies, strategies and standards to hand. Luckily, if you use a professional tender writing company to write your PQQ and/or tender then they will have many standard documents available which they can tailor for your own needs. So go talk to a professional tender writer for your PQQ as soon as you can.————————————————- Copyright 2015 Biz Guru LtdLee Lister writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites where she provides advice and assistance for the business entrepreneur. She is known as the Bid Manager and is a recognized bid management expert.If you would like more help and assistance in writing your tender or PQQ, visit: or read Proposal Writing For Smaller Businesses which can be found on Amazon and other major book sites.This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. ————————————————-

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