Bid Management Consultancy – tailored to your company’s requirements

Business man and meeting table background

Business man and meeting table background

The Bid Manager offers bid consultancy to assist with the preparation of Invitation to Tenders (ITT), Request for Proposals (RFP), Proposals, Tender Evaluations and Bid Risk Reviews.

The consultancy can take the form of bid management, risk reviews, quality reviews and proposal evaluation.  The Bid Manager’s experience in project and programme management means that this consultancy can extend into the first stages of your winning project.

Should you have more complex requirements, are reviewing your existing bid environment,  or setting up a new environment, we are also able to combine training and mentoring with our consultancy.  The Bid Manager specializes in risk management, proposing business solutions and the presentation of the bid.

Bid Management Consultancy

Sometimes, particularly when you have a PQQ or tender that just HAS to be submitted and you are stuck on a vital question, it helps to get a wise word or two on the phone. The Bid Manager offers ad hoc phone based consultancy offering assistance on your bid methods, how to word an answer or even “what on earth does this mean?”

Our consultancy is available from 10.00 to 22.00 GMT or in English 10 am to 10 pm UK London time.

The charge is $75 for the first half hour and then $50 per half hour after that. We ask that you prepay by choosing from the following drop down options.

Bid Management Consultancy


Bid or Tender Writing Services

For companies large or small, be it a government tender or a multi $ cross country bid, we can assist you with writing all or part of the bid for you.  To assist in budgeting we can charge hourly, daily or by proposal.

Details of our Tender Writing Services can be seen in our brochure. Biz Guru Proposal Writing

Please contact us for an initial discussion about your requirements

Bid Environments

The Bid Manager will assist you in setting up your bid environment or bid office or just assist you in making it work better! We achieve this with our unique combination of consultancy, training and support.

Modular Training

Bid Management training requirements are by necessity, very company specific. We provide  modular training courses that are highly customisable. We will work with you to design your optimum course to meet your business and training needs.


If you are unable or prefer not to employ a full time bid management environment, The Bid Manager can undertake this role, in a retained or “as required” basis. We also offer a similar service to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to provide them with bid or tender management services tailored to meet their individual needs.

Standard Proposal Documents

I will produce a library of standard documents found in many PQQs and tenders. These can all be used time and time again with only minimal changes. From $250.

For example: Health & Safety Statement, Safe Guarding Document, Quality Document, Incident and Risk Management Documents for $250

Standard Proposal Documents

Please contact us for an initial discussion about your requirements

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