Question: What payment processor do you use?

Answer: For your security – your subscription is processed each month by PayPal.com – one of the largest and most well know payment processors on the internet. (P.S. PayPal is owned by eBay.com)

Question: What is the difference in your types of courses?


Course/Feature OnTrack FastTrack

PowerPoint not

PDF Course Notes

PowerPoint/MP3  Course*

Printed Course Notes Personal
PowerPoint Lecture
Delivery Method CD On Site Lecture
Questions, Exercises &
Yes Yes

Considerably more
exercises  and
workshops than OnTrack

Certification Successful completion of
1 workshop
Successful completion of
Interaction with
1 workshop marked and
commented upon
Face to face lecture.
Lecturer interacts during workshops. Ad
hoc questions answered
Tailoring of Course No Yes
Cost $125- $175 per CD One payment for up to 10
attendees on company site

Question: I am not sure which of your courses to choose?


  1. OnTrack Funding for Profit is suitable for those establishments – particularly universities that wish to tender for grants.
  2. OnTrack Bid Management provides in depth training on bid management and assumes some understanding of project management methods. It is suitable for companies that have or require a bid management function.
  3. OnTrack Winning Solution contains detailed bid management training as well as training in project management methods. Whilst it would not fully train a project manager it provides a good overview for delegates who also wish to provide project solutions as well. It is suitable for small and medium companies or those companies that do not wish to have a dedicated bid management environment. Also suitable for delegates who wish to learn bid management and have no project management experience.
  4. OnTrack to Writing Winning Proposals is aimed at small to medium sized companies that wish to tender for projects usually under $5m.
  5. OnTrack to Perfect PQQs© is for those companies how find completing PQQs baffling and/or wish to become a preferred bidder more easily.
  6. OnTrack Bid ToolKit© is for companies of any size that wish to build up a toolkit of standard documents, tools and replies that will make bidding quicker, more efficient and effective as well as cheaper.