FastTrack Bid Management

FastTrack Bid Management

FastTrack Bid Management

The skill that takes your company from Wish To Win! Learn how to improve your chances of winning that proposal whilst minimizing your risk and maximising your profit.

This onsite course will provide you with the key bid management skills and several workshops and question sessions and practice with. The last workshop can be marked by The Bid Manager of Biz Guru Services to provide certification.

Whether you produce small proposals or large bids, this course will guide you to the winning solution.


Learn the Bid Methodology SuperBid – to move you from Wish to Win in a logical and organized way.

Understand how to identify and mitigate risks found lurking in those invitation to tender documents. Ensure that you produce a winning proposal that highlights your companies strengths and hides your weaknesses.

This is the perfect training solution for aspiring and improving bid managers everywhere. The course is delivered at your own site by a very experienced bid manager who will be able to answer multiple complex questions on bid management.

Consider also our Course: FastTrack Winning Solution that provides the basics of project management and how to define the proposed solution to the tendering body.

Course Contents

What is Bid Management?

Bid introduction – what is bid management? General overview

SuperBid Methodology

  • SuperBid overview – introduction to the basics of bid methodology
  • SuperBid brings together: Staged processes, Bid reviews, Bid controls, An optimum bid team, and Bid tool kit

Bid Strategy

  • Should we do it?
  • Can we do it?
  • Cost v Profit v Risk Decisions
  • Key Selling Points
  • Selling Hooks
  • Non Compliance Issues

Bid Risk Management Identifying and mitigating these risks:

  • Contractual
  • Financial
  • Project
  • Internal

Bid Definition

  • Key selling points
  • Selling hooks
  • Winning bids

Bid Presentation

  • Presenting to win
  • What evaluators are looking for

Bid Production

  • The war room
  • The red team
  • The bid factory
  • Costing

This course is aimed at those who are new to bid management or who need an appreciated of the trials of the bid management role. It covers the key areas of proposal risk management, bid presentation, bid collation, bid preparation and bid procedures.

Trainees will be given grounding in bid management methods allowing them to manage small bids from inception to production as well as give them a good appreciation of bid management of larger bids.

One payment for up to 20 delegates on site at your premises (traveling costs applicable outside the UK).

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