What Makes a Winning Tender Writer?A tender is a formal

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What Makes a Winning Tender Writer?A tender is a formal invitation to bid for a project. A good tender writer is a joy to find, a great tender writer will repay their fee or salary with increases in a company’s profits and turnover. The proposal writer you choose should be a great writer who can present your company in the best possible manner in perfect written language and graphics.There are many bid writing companies and few really good ones. There are also sites where you can place details of what you are seeking and receive bids from potential tender writers.When choosing your potential bid, proposal or tender writer you need to first check the quality of their writing. Is it perfect and well thought out? No on wants a rushed cookie cutter proposal. Does the writer understand your market? IT is different to oil or health and government bids are different from charity bids or profitable bids.Has your proposal writer a record of winning bids? No one gets 100% as there are so many different factors that come into effect that are outside of the tender writer’s control such as pricing. Can you take references from happy clients and most importantly do they seem to know what they are talking about. No tender writer will give you an example of a tender they have written you want yours kept secret after all. They will give you examples of their writing if you request this.After you have chosen your tender writer, be guided by them. First of all give them details of the RFP the formal document asking you to bid for the project. Tell them the timescale and formalise their responsibilities in the matter. A good tender writer will then give you a list of information that they require from you. They will not know the inner workings of your company, the solution you want to provide or your budget. They WILL be able to put this information together into a great proposal for you.Set into effect a regular update procedure but do not harass your writer. Do you want them writing or answering silly questions? Be guided by their skills and answer their questions promptly. Expect regular updates and requests that what they have written for you is correct. Also expect to be amazed at how they can project the image of your company so positively.If you find a great tender writer, look after them. After all they will be helping your company prosper and grow.————————————————- Copyright 2015 Biz Guru LtdLee Lister writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites where she provides assistance for the business entrepreneur. She is known as the Bid Manager and is a recognized bid management expert. If you would like assistance in writing your tender or PQQ, visit: http://www.TenderWriting.com or read Proposal Writing For Smaller Businesses which can be found on Amazon.This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. ————————————————-

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