OnTrack Winning Solution

OnTrack Winning Solution

Do you wish to bid or tender for business and not sure how to go about it? Do you keep bidding and never seem to be considered? Does your company wish to tender for extra work in order to  expand? This training course will enable you to not only prepare yourselves but also present your capabilities and strengths in the best possible manner.

Preparing the proposed solution is always a problem for companies that do not normally undertake project management. This course provides the basics of project management and how to define the proposed solution to the tendering body.

This CBT course will provide you with key bid and project management skills and several workshops and question sessions and practice with. The last workshop can be marked by The Bid Manager of Biz Guru Services to provide certification. Whether you produce small proposals or large bids this course will guide you to the winning solution.


  • Learn how prepare your company in order to spot the bidding opportunities that you can confidently apply for.
  • Understand how to identify and mitigate risks found lurking in those invitation to tender documents. Ensure that you produce a winning proposal that highlights your companies strengths and hides your weaknesses.
  • Learn about what can go wrong with a bid and how you can learn the lessons for the future.
  • Ensure that you produce a winning proposal that highlights your organisation’s strengths and hides your weaknesses.
  • This is the perfect training solution for aspiring and improving bid managers everywhere.  The course is delivered on it’s own CD. Delivery is included within the cost.

Course Contents

Preparing Yourself

  • Reviewing your resources
  • What are your capabilities
  • The importance of partnerships
  • Your costing model
  • Your core capabilities

Spotting the opportunities

  • What to look for
  • Matching your core capabilities
  • Show Stoppers
  • The business case

What exactly do they want?

  • Interpretation of the proposer’s requirements
  • Hot spots – what they will get excited about

Can we do it?

  • Match your capabilities to their needs
  • Can you really do it and still make a profit?
  • Project feasibility

Planning your Bid

  • How are your going to do it?
  • Project Management basics
  • Architecting your solution

Presentation of your Bid

  • Presenting your solution
  • Satisfying the needs
  • Hitting the hot spots
  • Promoting yourself

What can go wrong?

  • Why bids fail
  • Why you don’t make a profit

Spot the risk

  • Identifying, measuring and mitigating risks
  • IPR’s and copyrights
  • Typical risks
  • Caveats

Lessons Learned

  • Review, record and reuse.

This course is aimed at those who are new to bid management or who need an appreciated of the trials of the bid management role.  It covers the key areas of proposal risk management, bid presentation, bid collation, bid preparation and bid procedures.

Trainees will be given grounding in bid management methods allowing them to manage small bids from inception to production as well as give them a good appreciation of bid management of larger bids.

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